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Employment Tribunal video hearings set to stay

A new “road map” published yesterday is embracing the ongoing use of video hearings within the Employment Tribunal.  It indicates that preliminary hearings will continue to take place remotely via video (as well as telephone for routine case management ones).  Similarly, simple final hearings dealing with things such as unpaid wages, notice, holiday pay and redundancy pay will be continuing via video as well.  This is likely to become a permanent default as video hearings have become popular amongst parties and their representatives as they decrease costs and are less disruptive to the lives of those participating.  Employment Tribunals obviously seem to be preferring them too.  In-person hearings will, however, be used for final hearings for more complex claims, such as those involving unlawful discrimination and whistleblowing.  That said, we’re still having lots of these sorts of hearings (even for several months ahead from now) converted from in person hearings to take place remotely via video as well due to resourcing issues.

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