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Directions to Stewart Law Solicitors

Mackmurdo House,
79 Springfield Road,

Tel: 01245 460 200

Fax: 01245 460 255


Upon arrival

All visitors should please announce their arrival by means of using our intercom system, which is located to the right hand side of our front door. We will then buzz you through into our building.

Travel by car

We are located in the heart of the city centre, at the end of Springfield Road (the B1137).

We are directly opposite Majestic Wines and Specialized, a specialist cycling shop.

We have our own secure car park to the side of our building, with free visitor parking available.

Please pull up to the barrier and press the intercom button for Stewart Law Solicitors. We will then buzz you through.

Our visitor parking bays are located immediately on the right hand side.

Travel by train (and then on foot/by taxi)

Our office is highly accessible by train.

Trains from Liverpool Street to Chelmsford take approximately 35 minutes. They typically run at 10 to 15 minute intervals.

Our office is less than one mile away from Chelmsford railway station, so you can reach us within ten to fifteen minutes on foot. Alternatively, you can take a taxi from the taxi rank, which is located to the rear of the station.

To walk to us, you can either take the following, simplest, route via main roads:

  1. Come through the station barriers directly ahead of you.
  2. Take the exit to your left.
  3. Walk straight ahead, staying on the right hand path, with railings to your right.
  4. At the T junction, turn left onto Victoria Road.
  5. Walk ahead of you, staying on the left hand foot path.
  6. When you reach a cross roads with traffic lights, and the Bathstore just over the road from you, go straight over and keep walking straight ahead, along Victoria Road.
  7. Cross over the river Chelmer.
  8. When you reach a T junction with traffic lights, turn right onto Springfield Road.
  9. Walk down the right hand foot path.
  10. You will see Majestic Wine, followed by Specialized, a specialist cycling shop, on the left hand side of the road, and a bright red Royal Mail post box on the right.
  11. Our entrance is to the right, just before the post box.
  12. It is clearly signposted as Mackmurdo House.

Or, if you want a more scenic walk through the city centre:

  1. Come through the station barriers directly ahead of you.
  2. Take the exit to your left.
  3. Turn immediately back on yourself, to your right.
  4. Walk down the pedestrianised area, with M&S Food on your left.
  5. When you reach the road, turn left and walk down Duke Street.
  6. Use the zebra crossing to your left to cross over Victoria Road.
  7. Take yourself back onto Duke Street.
  8. You will walk past Chelmsford Cathedral and reach a large crossroad.
  9. Stay on the path as it curves to the left.
  10. Cross at the pedestrian lights (looking towards HSBC) and head towards the left.
  11. Walk straight down the pedestrianised High Street, passing NatWest on your left and Café Nero on your right.
  12. Walk past Debenhams on your left.
  13. When you get to a Next shop on your left hand side, turn left, with Starbucks immediately to your right. (You will also find Zizi’s and Nandos on the left, just after Next. If you go round the corner on your right, you will also find a Costa).
  14. Walk over the bridge and past Argos Extra, to your right.
  15. You will see Tesco directly ahead of you. Cross over the road and carry on walking past it (so that the shop is to your left).
  16. Walk across the next road (after the bus stop).
  17. To your right, you will see Specialized, a specialist cycling shop, and Majestic Wines.
  18. Directly ahead of you, you will see a bright red Royal Mail post box.
  19. Our entrance is just past the post box.
  20. It is clearly signposted as Mackmurdo House.

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